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Last Updated: December 30, 2021


  • The Terms and Conditions (Terms) and its annexes such as Subscription Terms are a legally binding arrangement between a User and Metexam Ltd (MetExam) for the Website – metexam.co.uk, including sub-domains.
  • A User uses the Website only on the terms and conditions in these Terms.
  • A User agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions when using the Website.
  • MetExam restricts to access the Website if a User doesn’t entirely agree to these Terms.

Changes to Terms

  • MetExam reserves the right to change the Terms or any changed terms at its sole discretion.
  • A User who rejects the changed Terms for the Website should stop using it. Thus, it is vital to read these Terms regularly to be familiar with the most updated Terms.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the newly amended Terms, changes apply at once upon posting.
  • MetExam has no obligation to give a User a notice of amendments. A User who continues using the Website must use it within the new Terms.

Licence to use Website’s Content

  • MetExam owns (has a licence) intellectual property rights to the Web site’s content under English and International Law.
  • MetExam reserves rights to the Website’s content, not granted to other parties, i.e., copying or distributing its content for any commercial or non-commercial purposes without MetExam’s consent expressed in writing.
  • Assuming the User complies with their obligations under these Terms, MetExam grants them a limited and non-transferable licence to access the Website.
  • Violation in using a licence may lead to access cancellation.
  • MetExam provides User’s access temporarily with no guarantee of future availability.
  • MetExam may withdraw or change any website content, services or products delivered without notice.
  • User can not:
    • To access the Website using another method or program than MetExam provided.
    • To copy any part of the Website, if not allowed under these Terms or by MetExam in writing.
    • To use MetExam’s intellectual property, including the Website’s content, in communications with third parties.

User’s Content

  • The Website may allow a User to publish comments, articles, other data.
  • MetExam keeps User’s content with the purposes set out in the Privacy Policy.
  • MetExam may disclose such content to third parties, as described in the Privacy Policy.
  • A User agrees to use the Website following the Terms and Law.
  • A User undertakes does not, but is not limited to, post on the Website:
  • Content that defames or threatens others, including any illegal.
  • Content with advertising, marketing materials, or any form of commercial that MetExam does not explicitly let.

Content that discloses or harms another User

  • A User is only responsible for any posted content on the Website and following legal effects of transmitting or publishing such content with others, i.e. MetExam, do not have any responsibility for these actions.
  • A User grants to MetExam non-exclusive and royalty-free right (licence) to use content in any form, permitting this content to sub-licence under the terms.


  • A User can access MetExam’s Privacy Policy here.

Website’s Content and Access

  • MetExam does not guarantee 24/7 access to Website, i.e. it can be inaccessible because of maintenance errors and/or support activities.
  • The Website may contain typographical mistakes and inaccuracies, not complete or current data.
  • MetExam reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions and to change or update information on the Website without prior notice.
  • MetExam does not make a warranty from errors, omissions, delays, or defects in the Website contents, and that Website’s files are free of viruses or other contaminating code.


  • MetExam delivers the Website using a commercially reasonable level of skill and care.
  • MetExam presents the data, products and services “as is” without guarantee, either express or implied for a particular purpose or non-infringement.
  • MetExam does not warrant and disclaim any guarantees, either express or implied, concerning the Website’s accuracy and data got from a Website.
  • A User agrees that any use of the Website, its data, products or services delivered by MetExam is at their own risk.


  • Except as prohibited by law, a User consents that MetExam’s liability is limited.
  • MetExam is not liable for any loss or damages occurring out of the Terms for a User and connected with their third parties, to use or inability to use the Website and/or User’s content, data and/or User’s content loss, and/or any other potential claims connected to the Website.
  • MetExam’s cumulative liability occurring out of or related to users’ use and/or inability to use the Website will not exceed fifty British Pounds (£50).
  • A User agrees that the warranty disclaimers and the limitations of liability in these Terms are essential for MetExam’s ability to make the Website available.


  • A User agrees that MetExam, at its discretion, has a right to end a using Website for any reason without liability for such actions.

General Legal Terms

  • If any statement of these Terms becomes invalid or unenforceable based on a law decision, the remaining statements stay valid.
  • MetExam has a right to assign any contract connected with the Website, the MetExam products and services without notice to the User.
  • A User has no right to assign any contract connected with the Website, the MetExam products and services without writing permission from MetExam.
  • A User agrees that English Law and jurisdiction of England power these Terms and any claim or dispute.
  • A User agrees to waive any claims that they might otherwise have against MetExam based on the laws of other jurisdictions consenting to the exclusive jurisdiction of England.
  • Any documents presented by MetExam electronically have the same force as a signed in writing.

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