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Advanced Training for Professionals

Empower Learning Experiences with Advanced EduPro. Experience smart algorithms for personalised learning.

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Prep Courses

Become a solicitor through the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE), excel in financial advisory with CeMAP and DipFA, or immigration advice with OISC Level 1 & 2 with crafted courses.

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Study Books

Prepare for the SQE, CeMAP, DipFA, or OISC Level 1 & 2 with our books providing content for each course. Purchase books separately if required.

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Training Quizzes

Whether you're enrolled in one of our courses or prefer to focus solely on quiz preparation, you can choose how you study.
Try free mock tests

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MetExam on Apple Books

MetExam is partnered with Apple Books, a platform known for its seamless reading experience and robust ecosystem.

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Learning Platform

Enjoy during your study the EduPro learning platform with a user-friendly interface and extensive content library empowering to access quality resources easily.

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Learning Smart Algorithms

Focus and increase your efficiency by 5-7 times, skipping over what you already know. Smart algorithms arrange training questions in a precise order & frequency tailored to your knowledge.

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